Mentoring and Supervision

Mentoring and supervision is a fantastic way to support practitioners and prevent disengagement and burnout.

I offer ongoing mentoring and supervision to acupuncturists and naturopaths. As practitioners we work often in isolation and have few people we can talk about issues that arise in our practice. Supervision provides non-hierarchical, non-judgemental support to help dealing with what may come up in our daily lifes. It gives positive input without judgement. It helps to check into ourselves on a regular basis to resolve issues that may affect our satisfaction. It supports us in creating a good work life balance and in keeping our enthousiasm for our healing work.

I am part of a network of practitioners who have trained in mentoring/supervision for acupuncturists and other therapists with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades
For groups and individuals supervision and mentoring is available in small groups and individually.
Groups usually meet bimonthly, whilst individual sessions are arranged according to need and availability.
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