Testimonials from Patients


The following testimonials and quotes were written and sent to me by past patients. They are intended to illustrate to prospective patients the high level of treatment care they can expect from me. As we are all unique, any reference to improvement in health should not be generalised.

Vicky:  "I approached Pia for help with fertility issues and in preparation for IVF.  This was my first experience of acupuncture and I was slightly sceptical initially but quickly felt very reassured by her knowledge of fertility issues, western medicine, Chinese medicine, nutrition, and most importantly by her warm and intelligent manner. I felt very listened to and taken seriously, and things were explained in a clear and straightforward way. I was surprised that I actually found the sessions calming.
Pia was flexible when I brought my IVF treatment forward and focussed on preparing my womb lining for implantation and helping me to relax. I did become pregnant on this cycle, although sadly I later miscarried. This was however the first time I have been pregnant and the acupuncture did help me to feel better prepared for, and supported through the IVF. I would definitely have further sessions with Pia if I have further fertility treatment, or if I have any other health issues that might benefit from acupuncture."

K: 'I believe Pia's acupuncture treatments alongside Chinese herbs helped me conceive naturally. We were trying for 1.5 years and almost went for IVF when I finally discovered I conceived naturally. She also helped me prepare for labour with weekly acupuncture as well as teaching us to press points which would help before and during labour. Pia is very professional and helpful.

Jenna:  "I’ve been seeing Pia for several years now and she’s helped me enormously in maintaining my general health, as well as supporting me through some moments of particular stress and illness. Having first seen Pia after a bereavement, her treatments have since become part of my wider healthcare ‘routine’ – for the simple reason that they work, and the benefits are long-lasting. For her calm manner, intuitive touch and encyclopaedic knowledge, I’d recommend Pia without hesitation."

Anna:   "Pia is a very calm and sympathetic practitioner who knows her subject inside and out.  I went in as a sceptic but felt better after each session. I have enormous confidence in Pia’s ability to practise acupuncture safely and effectively. If acupuncture is going to help you, you could do no better than go to Pia."

Lizzie:   "Pia came highly recommended to me by a friend so I decided to try acupuncture to assist with fertility problems and managing an arthritic condition, ankylosing spondylitis. After several months of regular treatment, I found out I was pregnant. I continued to see Pia for acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and enjoyed a healthy, easy pregnancy with only mild arthritic symptoms which I am sure is thanks to acupuncture. Pia also provided aadvice on acupressure for labour. I found Pia to be extremely knowledgeable of naturopathy and alternative treatments and she has an excellent understanding of a wide range of medical conditions. She is calm and reassuring and has a no-nonsense, honest approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pia and have no doubt I shall be using Pia's expertise again myself in the future. 

Karen:  "My partner and I had been trying to conceive for a year when we were referred to a GP for fertility testing. The results indicated that we both had fertility problems. We were then given an appointment in 4 months' time to start IVF. In the meanwhile we both decided to go for acupuncture. In less than 3 months I got pregnant. I continued to see Pia to support me through the pregnancy and compared to my friends I have really had a much "easier" pregnancy. In the last year I have also referred several of my patients to see Pia to assist them with fertility issues and managing stress related conditions. Pia has a kind and gentle nature and an excellent skill set. I will continue to refer patients, family and friends to see Pia in the future."

Lisa:  "I decided to have acupuncture after reading that it can be very effective at treating anxiety and night terrors. After only six sessions with Pia I have found my anxiety during the day almost non-existent and my night terrors greatly reduced. I have had night terrors all my life so was amazed how much of an effect it had after only six sessions. I found Pia to be very gentle and welcoming and the sessions to be very relaxing."

Mathilde:  "Pia has been an amazing addition to my life and has helped on so many levels since I have started treatment with her: I have more energy, an easier digestion, no more headaches during my periods. She has helped a lot with my anxiety, and positively rid me of my nightmares. I am even starting to see the effect of her treatment on the eczema that had been plaguing me for the last few years and that not even cortisone was able to do anything about. She is great and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help where many other doctors might have failed!"

Claire: "I went to see Pia when my doctor recommended that I undergo IVF treatment in order to conceive. I saw Pia regularly in the lead up to and throughout my treatment and then in the first few months of my pregnancy. As well as being delighted by the successful outcome, I found attending acupuncture sessions with Pia very helpful at a stressful time. As well as using fertility points, Pia also helped me remain calm and to sleep well. I returned to Pia in the last few weeks of my pregnancy to help with turning my baby, who was originally in a breach position, and to help induce labour. At her suggestion, I took my partner along for one of the sessions so that she could show him acupressure points to use during labour. During labour itself, that knowledge was invaluable and I found it to be more effective than either massage or even my TENS machine. Pia was always a calming presence and full of useful advice and I would recommend her acupuncture to anyone. I am very grateful to her for her support leading up to and during my pregnancy and the birth of my wonderful daughter."

Daniel: "Pia deeply impressed me with her almost encyclopedic knowledge of naturopathy and herbal remedies - her advice on what remedies to take greatly helped restore my energies and improve any ailment I encountered on my route to recovery from a severe illness. She also often took time outside sessions to find further ways of addressing my issues. She was very professional, friendly, a pleasure to talk with and had a complete no-nonsense approach. Further, her acupuncture was very helpful in reducing my nightmares and anxiety."

C.C.  "I am happy that I discovered acupuncture and I am really glad that I met Pia. Pia has been a strong positive force in my life. Acupuncture has really changed my life, which has been fantastic. If I think about that woman who walked into the clinic with a really white face and no confidence, has reclaimed some of her old self. What a turn around in a short space of time, I have that to be grateful for. Pia has been brilliant."

Quotes from Patients 

(indicated in italics are the problems the patients presented with)

Digestion and fertility:

"I have found your acupuncture treatments invaluable and I know you are very much to thank for keeping me balanced. I will be sure to be in touch before long to let you know how I'm getting on and to book some more acupuncture appointments."


"I found out I am pregnant (after 4 days being late)! All your hard work has materialised – I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart."

Painful periods:

"Also, rather interestingly, literally 2 hours after our last session my menses began and I am delighted and relieved to let you know that it was one of the least painful I have ever experienced."


“Hi Pia, thank you very much for the advice, I feel already better, with more energy. Since I have been drinking warm or hot herbal tea while eating I can digest better.”


"Thanks for your help and advice. I am grateful and look forward to seeing you at my next appointment."

Digestion and depression:

"This is brilliant - thank you so much for what you have already done for me and this list of recommendations. I am happy already! hmm I wonder if the acupuncture has lifted my mood."


"Again, many thanks for recommending that remedy and the acupuncture- I'm noticing improvements with each session and each day of taking the preparations and following your advice."

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